About Our Office


Bay 1 is located upstairs and Bay 2 is downstairs. Each Bay has five 4' desks and an ergonomic desk chair. The desks are rolling and can be set up in many different configurations according to your needs.



Our wardrobe fittings area is located downstairs and offers two different changing rooms for talent, as well as space for the stylist to set up accessories on a rolling table. We have a premium steamer and 100 high-end combo hangers. There is a door to the underground garage right next to the fittings space, so the stylist can pull up and offload everything easily into the Nest without having to deal with stairs.



Our conference room is located downstairs and offers a 10' live-edge wood table and chairs for 10 people. Polycom wireless speaker is included in the rate, as well as large HDTV with Chromecast so you can broadcast your pre-pro book and any other necessary items of discussion on the screen.


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